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new litter of our  jack Russells

just born a few days back 2 females 4 males if you wish for more info on them please contact me at (808)937-2359 Mahalo!



Thank you for visiting Bigislandbullies.

We live about 20 miles outside of Hilo town. Drive towards Volcano passing the mountain view store just pass the 15 mile marker, turn right onto N. Peck Road,  Drive 2 miles up and it will be on the right 18-4346.

Visitors are welcome anytime.

Mailing  address is P.O. Box 4572 Hilo, Hawaii 96720

PHONE: 808-937-2359

My breeding foundation started with two dogs Rambo and Reba from two of the top kennels in Australia. This was back in 1984. The two of them produced many champions like themselves. I have exported my dogs throughout the world. It’s been over twenty years since Rambo and Reba. I try to research the top kennels in Australia, England, and New Zealand to bring in my Breeders. I’ve done the same as well for my Dogue De Bordeaux ( French Mastiffs ), and my Jack Russell Terriers.

My first encounter with a Bullmastiff was in 1978, when my brother brought home a puppy that was given to him by a friend in Maui. At the time I had Pomeranians and to small and delicate for a household of boys. We welcomed this little Bullmastiff puppy into our home and that was it we fell totally in love with him and the breed. All my dogs are socialized and love children. My dogs temperament is excellent and kid friendly and non aggressive.  Both the Bullmastiff and French Mastiff have very similar dispositons the Jack Russell Terriers are very smart and super energetic. The help on our chicken farm. We have also done rescues on all the breeds and try to find forever homes for the dogs people give us.


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